Manhattan Bay University,
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16 Schools, 71 Majors & 140 Nationalities

Professional Schools & Majors "unleash Your True Potential"

At Manhattan Bay University , we are consistently improving our education system at each step and raising benchmark for education industry. Our mission is to prepare our dedicated students to take on the challenges of present and future aggressive work environment.

At Manhattan Bay University , students can choose from diverse, relevant and the latest majors and programs through our sixteen discipline of study.

To ensure that students receive maximum return on their investment, we have designed the state of the art curriculum which will enable our students to take on challenges and apply their knowledge in the professional world.

Law & Legal Studies

Law graduates of Manhattan Bay University enjoy rewarding employment opportunities ranging from divorce lawyers, injury lawyers, barristers and corporate lawyers.

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Computer Sciences

Computer Sciences majors educate students about computer systems and the way humans and computers interact from a scientific perspective.

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Criminal Justice

Manhattan Bay University offers criminal justice online degrees for students interested in the criminal justice and security field through the School of Criminal Justice.

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Engineering degree program provides you with the knowledge to successfully apply information technology theory and principles to real-world business opportunities and challenges.

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Busines & Management

Creating and perpetuating a successful business has always been a challenge. At Manhattan Bay University, we are determined to prepare professionals for the cutthroat competition of world of modern business.

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Applied Arts

School of Applied Arts offers programs that act as a gateway for artists to develop skills and explore up-to-date course content specially developed by our skilled and highly professional faculty.

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Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences is committed to creating, disseminating, preserving and applying knowledge in the areas of health science through leading-edge scholarly research, teaching and engagement.

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Occupational Safety & Fire Sciences

Occupational Safety & Fire Sciences Field at Manhattan Bay University teaches the practice of mitigating the unwanted effects of fires. It involves the study of the behavior, compartmentalization, suppression and investigation of fire and its related emergencies.

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Political Science

Political Science & Public Administration program is among the most popular schools in the world. It offers students the required setting that is needed to enhance learning capabilities.

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Social Science

students will explore various aspects of society, including anthropology, archaeology, business administration, communication, criminology, economics, education, government, linguistics, and more.

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School of Nursing is to improve the health of individuals and diverse communities locally and globally through leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, practice, and service.

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The field teaches one to understand individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Our faculty works toward guiding students as they achieve each of these learning outcomes.

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Natural Sciences

School of Natural Sciences offers programs that develop understanding about the physical and natural world. It focuses on advances in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, physics and so on.

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Performing Arts

School of Performing Arts programs in music covers classical and music theatre, piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and jazz instruments are internationally recognized.

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Social Services

Social Services at Manhattan Bay University offers the pursuit of social welfare, social change and social justice and the research and practice required to improve the quality of life for the potential of each individual, group and community of a society.

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