Manhattan Bay offers flexible, convenient, and
affordable degree programs that are career
focused for all students and working adults.

About Manhattan Bay University

At Manhattan Bay students can Interact with the experienced faculty that can help out students with their industry experience.

Degree Programs

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Scholarship Opportunity

Now you can fulfill your dream & study at top online university without incurring any debts. Apply for Scholarships or Reduced tuition for your degree program at Manhattan Bay.
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Learning Beyond The Books

At Manhattan Bay University , we are the best in providing education all over the globe. Our policies and systems are dedicated towards continuous improvement of education system. Our vision is to ensure that online education is easily accessible by all students and working adults. Our strength lies in our faculty, management and hardworking students.

Our Faculty

  • She is the Head of Department for chemistry and she looks after all academic operations related to her department. Shella believes in creating a learning environment.
  • Susan oversees the English department at Manhattan Bay University. She has a teaching experience of more than 10 years. Prior to joining Manhattan Bay University she had been working for various universities and currently she is also a visiting faculty at renowned universities.
  • Ryan is a multi sided genius and he has been teaching at Manhattan Bay University for more than a decade. Ryan teaches mathematics, statistics, calculus and other subjects related to mathematic field.
  • Before teaching at Manhattan Bay University Matt worked as senior manager (Artificial Intelligence) at an international organization furthermore, he is currently looking after the information technology department of Manhattan Bay University.
  • Lester Josh
    H.O.D Chemistry
    Lester has been passionate about chemistry since he was 16 years old. He is a highly skilled and oversees online campus based programs
  • Nellie is one the most talented faculty present at Manhattan Bay University. Nellie has immense experience in the field of economics. She has been working for various national and international organizations.

Professional Schools

At Manhattan Bay University , you can choose from the diverse and up to date majors and programs through our sixteen disciplines.


Manhattan Bay University accreditation status, ensures that our educational standards meet international standards of quality education