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Manhattan Bay University Gets 2,769+ Students Enrolled in its Online MBA Program

Manhattan Bay University (MBU) has more than 50,000 students enrolled in its online MBA program. This is because; MBU offers accredited and best MBA degrees online with 16 diverse majors and hence, has gained global recognition.

Manhattan Bay University consistently updates the curriculum of its online programs. The university focuses on improving the course content, so that its students learn exactly what is required from them in the professional world. As the domain of business & management is at its boom, Manhattan Bay University ensures that its students acquire exceptional expertise and become future leaders of the ever-expanding business world.

Manhattan Bay University's online MBA programs are accepted globally by employers. MBU has designed its business degree programs, with assistance from top business leaders and top qualified faculty members. The university ensures that students pursuing their MBA degree program online are trained and developed, according to the demands of today's employers. For offering international standard online MBA degrees, Manhattan Bay University has been included among the world's leading online degree providers. Manhattan Bay University offers online MBA degrees with 16 distinct majors, which include Human Resource Management, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Project Management and various others. MBU provides highest standard of education and develops its students with extra-ordinary expertise. Therefore, today it has more than 50,000 students enrolled in its online MBA degree programs. The university is producing the best graduates in the field of business, who are going to build a competent workforce at well-reputed organizations, all over the world.

Manhattan Bay University Publishes a White Paper on How to Measure
Learning Outcomes of Online Students & Evaluate Program Success

Manhattan Bay University (MBU) has recently published a white paper that highlights the key factors, which can help in measuring the learning outcomes of online students. Also, special emphasis is given on evaluating program success.

In the white paper, Manhattan Bay University diMBUsses that online learning, teaching methodologies and evolution, are one of the major growing trends of higher education. MBU has covered the major challenges of integrating technologies for proper delivery of online education as well as the successful outcomes of this practice, in the white paper. The university believes that there is a significant amount of inconsistency in online education and its platform; therefore, evaluation of program success is a challenge. Therefore, through the white paper, Manhattan Bay University has diMBUssed the measurement and evaluation methodologies for learning outcomes. The university has mentioned about distinct online tools and platforms, which will aid in the implementation of best evaluation techniques for program success. MBU's white paper is essential for all educational institutions, who are interested in introducing online academic programs. This paper provides an insight on how success can be framed, both in the context of learning outcomes as well as program effectiveness and sustainability.

Manhattan Bay University's white paper diMBUsses the difference between calculation of learning outcomes and evaluation of program success. Also, key methodologies of determining program success, how to evaluate the effectiveness of online lectures and the ability of online students to grasp knowledge are diMBUssed in detail by MBU in white paper. Online tools and platforms have been provided in the white paper that is best suited for the purpose of evaluating program success and measurement of learning outcomes.

MBU Conducts a Seminar on E-Learning and Ground-Breaking
Educational Methods

Manhattan Bay University (MBU) conducted a seminar to highlight the key factors of e-learning and ground breaking educational methods, being introduced in today's era. The aim of this seminar was to identify how ultra-modern technologies can be effectively utilized in the learning process. Especially, utilization of devices, which are programmed with sophisticated computing and networking capacities and are used extensively in our day to day activities.

Manhattan Bay University, being an online university, focuses on implementing the best educational practices, so that its students acquire up-to-date knowledge and expertise of their field, in the most effective manner. Therefore, MBU puts special emphasis on research work, to investigate about distinct technologies that could enhance the online learning experience of its students, all over the world. The university believes in utilizing and integrating the most innovative technologies for proper delivery of education to online students.

In the seminar, Manhattan Bay University highlighted the possibilities of latest types of technology-arbitrated learning devices, which are not only useful for classroom study, but are efficient for various other purposes. Some of the top technology industry professionals and leaders, from all over the world, presented their views. Attendees in the seminar, agreed upon the fact that advanced technologies have revolutionized the domain of education. Students from different parts of the world are found earning their online degrees. E-learning is backed by ground breaking technologies and educational methods. As the advancements in technology are taking place, educational methods are need to be implemented accordingly to provide quality education efficiently.


Manhattan Bay University recently held its Online Commencement Ceremony to applaud its graduates belonging to its various online schools. The graduates from Manhattan Bay University, with their hard work and dedicated efforts have made their university proud, once again. They have successfully secured good grades in their separate disciplines and improved the overall graduation rate of Manhattan Bay University by 50%.
The largest share of graduates securing the best GPA is from Manhattan Bay University's School of Business and Management, with 70% graduates earning their online MBA degree. With their online bachelors and masters' degree in hand, they are ready to jump right into their careers starting at the best business hubs available to them. They are ready to work hard in any industry they step into.

As the Dean of Manhattan Bay University says in his Commencement speech, “The reward for great work is not everlasting success, but more work –that's where the opportunities to grow and succeed are. And if you love what you do, you'll want to be the first one in the office in the morning and the last one to leave at night – even if you're working for yourself." Manhattan Bay University since the year of its establishment has always emphasized on academic excellence. Its online academic degree programs are internationally accredited and offer the best courses and specializations available online. Manhattan Bay University believes in providing quality education through its hired faculty with 20 years of teaching experience.


To meet the increasing demand for online degree programs, Manhattan Bay University has invested $2.5 million to launch a new range of online academic degree and certificate programs. Manhattan Bay University with its 16 online schools and dedicated faculties has planned to add an in-demand degree program in each school. The programs are aimed at those online students who need to specialize in a particular field or industry.

Manhattan Bay University offers an extensive range of online degree programs that include associate, bachelors, masters, doctorate and PhD degree levels. The newly-launched programs will be available to students around the world without high tuition costs. The students will be able to avail scholarships and career placement services for free. The investment of $2.5 million will be spent developing state-of-the-art curriculum for all 16 programs, and hiring of new faculty members. Manhattan Bay University aims to revolutionize online education by providing the most innovative e-learning courses. It believes in raising the standard of education where quality education is not available. According to Mr. James Martin, Dean of Manhattan Bay University, “The enrollment rates at Manhattan Bay University have been increasing year by year due to the affordability and flexibility. The newly-launched online degree programs will offer students more choices to establish their careers."